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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a non-invasive prenatal test safe for the baby?

A non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test is a simple blood draw from the mother's arm to extract the fetal DNA and a buccal mouth swab from the alleged father(s) to analyze for paternity. There is little to no risk to the unborn fetus. Unlike an an invasive amniocentesis prenatal paternity that requires amnio fluid to be extracted from the mother's belly with greater risk to the unborn fetus.

How much does paternity testing cost?

Before scheduling an appointment, we encourage you to call in to speak during a consultation with a DNA collector. We can help you choose the best test pricing option for your situation. Once you choose the appropriate test option, we then collect a small deposit so you can schedule your DNA collection in our office or directly at the lab. Once the test results are ready, we then notify you and ask that you pay the remaining balance so we can release the test results. We do not pressure you to pay within a certain time period but we cannot release the test results until the final payment is collected. 

What if the father doesn't want to submit a DNA sample at the lab?

If the alleged father does not want to be present for DNA collection, we can accept a toothbrush sample in his absence. A toothbrush is the next best DNA sample if the person can not be present at the lab for DNA collection.

Do you offer refunds?

• All sales are final and all services are nonrefundable.
• Denver DNA Center and its affiliates are not responsible for confirming pregnancy or a healthy fetus. It is the client’s responsibility to determine whether or not they are pregnant, how far along they are and whether they (the client) are a suitable candidate for our testing services before they make an appointment.
• Once appointments are set, no refunds are allowed, regardless of circumstances regarding the test parties or the pregnancy.

• All test processing and results turnaround times, including those advertised for rushed processing, are estimated only, not guaranteed.

• No refunds or discounts are allowed for test results that may be delayed due to weather, insufficient specimen samples, or for any other reason.

• Participating test parties and/or 3rd party payors of a test are jointly and severally liable for payment in full of test fees, regardless of original payment method or payor.

• All accounts and payment arrangements must be settled within 30 days of the original appointment, regardless of the status of the testing or results.

• After the initial appointment, if a test party changes their mind, refuses or is otherwise unable to continue with testing for any reason, all testing fees are still nonrefundable and outstanding amounts are due in full.

• If a miscarriage, a misdiagnosed pregnancy or other pregnancy complication occurs, all testing fees are still nonrefundable and outstanding amounts are due in full.

• Due to complex nature of DNA testing, the need may arise for a test participant to submit additional DNA sample(s) in order for the test to be completed successfully and accurately. If a test party refuses or is otherwise unable to submit additional DNA when requested or needed, all sales are final, all testing fees remain nonrefundable and all outstanding amounts are due in full.

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